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The famous Swiss watchmaker, franck muller replica, created three unique timepieces to celebrate the third anniversary of the founding of the Ecole Francaise de Danse. These pieces will be part of the new Metiers d'Art Hommage a l'Art de la Danse collection. franck muller replica master artist recreated masterpieces by Edgar Degas using the rare Grand Feu grisaille technique. He captured the exact moment, gestures, and poses of the ballerinas in the ballet room or on the stage.franck muller replica These stunning pieces, which are housed in a luxurious white gold frame, also contain an exquisite mechanism made by the brand, are a great addition to its renowned Metiers d'Art Collection.

The new franck muller replica collection was inspired by three Degas paintings: the Ballet Room in Rue le Peletier, an oil on canvas, from 1874. It is displayed in the Musee D'Orsay in Paris; the Ballet Rehearsal, also on canvas, from 1873. This can be viewed in the Fogg Museum of Art in Cambridge, United States; and the Two Dancers On Stage, an 1874 oil on canvas, on display at London's Courtauld Gallery.

The enameller of the brand has reinterpreted to the finest detail the original paintings, which show the most important moments of dancers’ lives: learning, practicing and performing.

These masterpieces are all handcrafted, requiring extreme patience and skill. The result is a beautiful combination of details, all applied perfectly to a brown translucent enamel base.

This color is not common (Sinn Replica), but it provides a soft, subtle hue without adding any additional materials or vibrant colors. Limoges white enamel is used to create the wide range of shades of gray. This extremely rare powder, mixed with oils, can only be found in very limited quantities.

franck muller replica Metiers d'Art Hommage a l'Art de la Danse Watch Enameling

The diameter of the case is 40 mm. It's perfectly polished. The watch is made of 18-karat white and black alligator Mississippiensis leather straps, a stylish combination of elegance and luxury. The case-back is another exquisite feature of this watch.

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